6 – 8 FEBRUARY 2018

ZOW_trend to showcase the smart vision of tomorrow's kitchen - Connected expertise at ZOW 2016

[Bad Salzuflen, 17 December 2015] Rising processing power, increasing miniaturisation and new wireless technology standards - during the past few years, the continual progress has been laying the foundations for the Internet of Things, which is revolutionising the real world of manufacturing. In the past, our products consisted of mechanical and electrical components, but have now developed into complex systems with embedded computers, which communicate with each other online and receive commands via apps.

Visitors to the 500 m² "trend" exhibition area in Hall 20 at the forthcoming ZOW will see how this technology is set to bring about changes to our everyday lives: A smart kitchen is to be showcased there in which all trades involved in the production will, for the first time ever, be connected to each other in a manufacturer-independent manner and joined together in one home automation system via a technological platform. All of the appliances in this kitchen can be universally controlled via one standard application.

As a relevant network hub in Europe's largest furniture cluster East Westphalia-Lippe (OWL), ZOW will bring together the various trades of the furniture industry in order to work hand in hand on the implementation of future-oriented projects such as Connected Home with the Smart Kitchen. “The forward-looking technology and the participation with other companies are very interesting aspects for us”, Mr Detlef Wachendorf, managing director of D-Beschlag emphasizes. In this way, connected lighting elements are taking on a major role, which do not only follows with the wall switch but also the smart home system. The company OSRAM OLED GmbH integrates organic LEDs, which supports a high-quality lighting in the kitchen. Furthermore the companies D-Leuchten and Lumenar Leuchten Manufaktur take part, which are specialised in customised lighting solutions.

The kitchen has been made available by the company WARENDORF whose participation in the show is paving the way for ZOW to create the Smart Kitchen as a concerted effort. The interconnectable electrical devices have been developed by the domestic appliance manufacturer Miele. "The incorporation of the appliances in smart home technology systems makes for greater convenience and safety in people's own houses - for instance if it is possible to check whether the oven has really been turned off when you are out and about or if the extractor hood automatically adjusts the degree of ventilation depending on the cooking process", states Jan-Bernd Rapp, head of product marketing Germany at Miele. "In just a few years' time, we will be using new applications in the kitchen like assistance systems as a matter of course, which will make cooking easier." The IT infrastructure required for this has been created by ASM Syncro Tec GmbH, which has joined forces with its partner Seed Labs to bring all of the appliances of the Smart Kitchen into the Internet of Things. While Seed Labs has developed the free app, ASM Syncro Tec is responsible for the control of the Smart Kitchen as the systems integrator. For this purpose, ASM Syncro Tec has developed a so-called Smart Cube, acting as a universal remote control device and enabling various scenarios to be controlled by means of simple and intuitive gestures - an aspect which deserves particular attention in view of the demographic development of our society.

Smart technology for more convenience
The companies Linak, Knoke Beschlagtechnik and cap. GmbH are responsible for this added degree of comfort and convenience. Specialising in the field of electrification, the Danish company Linak focuses on the possibility of the electrical height adjustment of the kitchen, something which has so far only played a minor role in this country. Actually, however, most people would benefit from a height adjustment of around ten centimetres when performing typical tasks in the kitchen such as chopping, washing or stirring. "Thanks to our high level of expertise in the field of electronics, we can easily bring our systems into the connected world we live in today", explains Sales Manager Christoph Messing. "The ZOW project provides us with the opportunity to offer our clients tailor-made solutions in a superordinated app. As a manufacturer of furniture roller shutters, Knoke Beschlagtechnik GmbH is also committed to electrical drive solutions: “We do not see Connected Living as a vision for the future, but rather the expression of an actual requirement", remarks Director Jens Koch. "In doing so, we wish to find out what can already be illustrated today - and that is indeed quite a lot." On the other hand, the engineering office cap. GmbH, whose focus is on the design of accessories, is accompanying the project for completely different reasons. "As a kitchen outfitter we are part of the greater whole and are creating additional presence for ourselves within the trend-setting ZOW concept", says Design Manager Freimut Stehling.

ZOW 2016 will be held at Bad Salzuflen Exhibition Centre from 16 to 19 February. This is where the innovative range of products and services offered by the suppliers to the furniture and interior fittings industries will meet with the interest of decision-makers from furniture manufacturers, furniture retailers, interior fittings and the skilled trades.


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